Rising electrical rates are taking a hard earned dollars. Our maintenance services are key to your systems efficiency. Like having the oil changed out of your car (Service) we check your gas mileage (Efficiency) and give tips on saving those hard earned $$$$.

High Efficiency Systems   

Our high efficiency TRANE systems are unsurpassed in the industry. Three factors are involved in calculating efficiency.

  • Cost of Installation
  • Cost of Operation
  • Cost of Maintenance 

We design your system with the factors in mind. Systems to fit everyone's budget are readily available. Clean Air is an important part of our customers concerns. Yes, we have filtration and air cleaning  solutions to fit your needs.
Feel free to give us a call about your particular concerns or needs regarding your systems operation. We will be glad to answer your questions.

When you call ELITE FLORIDA A/C you are considered a friend not just a "Sales Ticket".

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